Canadian-born Ingrid Schroeder lives in London and has been writing songs at the piano since she was eleven years old. Beginning her career as a session singer, recording and touring with artists varying greatly in musical style and attitude, her soulful folk-inspired songs developed alongside a growing interest in dance and electronic music.

Beats mixed with sparse atmospheric arrangements and lyrical storytelling set the tone of her first solo album "Bee Charmer" which was released on Warner Bros Records. Her songs and voice attracted the attention of Howie B, DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill, Goldie and Peshay, all of whom contributed productions and mixes to the album creating an unusual hybrid of influences. With her debut well received she opened for Morcheeba on a national UK tour and continued to play solo dates around Europe.

On her new album "Love Runs Faster", released on the 'dacoda' label, Ingrid delivers song-led soundscapes of rhythms and changing textures, moving between pop, soul, dance, electronica and folk. Her lyrics are studded with off-beat observations on the changing nature of life and love and offer the flip-side to situations while hinting at the promise of a brighter future.

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